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We grow your customer base,
you scale up your business.

Online-based sales optimisation & customer retention technology

Stop dumping your money into outdated and ineffective marketing strategies

Super Backed Growth

We measure our success by our strong reliance on statistics and insights. We reveal what works specifically for your business, we prove it, and we use it.

More Satisfied Customers

Your customer relationship management is tailored to suit your customers, 
from the moment they visit your site to when they make their purchase.

Aggressive Competition

Our expertise in search engine technologies will put your business out there to compete aggressively with your competitors without breaking the bank.

Grankma Sales Engine

We don't just create websites, we build perpetual sales machines.

Sure, there are plenty of web designers out there who can build dreamy websites costing thousands of ringgit. But can their designs bring you the lofty profits you desire?

A beautiful website alone is not enough to grow your customer base. Think and treat your website as an actual physical shop for your business. The thousands of ringgit you spend to design and decorate your shop are in vain if no one knows where it is (in the digital space).

The team at Grankma consists of experienced web designers, web developers, digital marketing consultants, and online sales experts. Imagine having these professionals at your disposal, ready to boost your sales 24/7 without hesitation. With Grankma at your side, your dream of getting customers even in your sleep becomes a reality.

And all of this comes with a fee that registers way less than the bill of hiring on your own.

No matter what you sell, Grankma delivers you more customers

Grow and scale up your business with Grankma's technology

Medical Services

Auto Workshops

Heavy Industry


An old business with no new customers?

The reality may be that your sales and marketing funnel strategies are outdated. Well, time to work your business the fresh, present way. But how can digital marketing applies to the conventional nature of your business, you ask.

Now, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What is the first thing you would do when looking for a new product or service to try? Chances are, you reach for your phone, ask Google, and click on the first listed website you see.

So, top of the Google search results is where you want to be! When your website ranks first, it’s easier for you to attract new customers. Grankma helps you to get there.

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The secret to getting more new customers every month?

There is a reason why successful brands are never short of promotional emails or SMS blurbs. Why? Because it works. Just check your phone and you probably received one from a well-known brand in the last hour alone. A research by DMA United Kingdom in 2018 has shown that for every RM1 spent on sending emails, you can expect a return of RM32.*

To engage more returning customers, all you have to follow up and personally engage with them through continuous communication. Too many messages, and they will dismiss you. Too little, and they will forget you and move on to your competitors. Whoops! So what do you do?

Fret not, Grankma is here to help build your digital seller-customer relationships. Personalise your emails to every customers you have according to their needs. Need to remind them for an appointment 6 months from now? On it in a click! Alert them to get their brake oils replaced? We’ve got your back.

Collect data from your customers smoothly with Grankma's Kiosk

Wait — how will you send emails or SMS texts to customers if you don’t even have any information from your customers about themselves?

This is where Grankma’s Kiosk comes into play. Work with us and we will provide you a plug-and-play iPad kiosks at your physical premises to ease your customer registration process. Why wait, when you can automate? Save all the extra efforts for your front desk staff to ask for nuanced customer details. 

At Grankma, we believe that no data should be left uncollected. That’s why we also provide services to migrate whatever existing customer informations that can be utilised with our feature into your new digital domain.

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Bid goodbye to your competitors with a smile.

We understand the challenges that a brick and mortar business has to go through to stand out, what with so many competitors around.

With our advanced marketing tools and years of experience in our hands, our team at Grankma can help you compete aggressively in your market — at a small fee. With our assistance, you get to redirect the traffic surrounding your market segment to choose you over your competitors.

The time has come to enjoy a phenomenal boost of your customer count to up to 114% and bid farewell to all of your competitors. Make your move soon before it’s too late. The decision to success is all yours to make today.

Let our customers explain

What our previous customers had to say after we helpe them grow their business

I tried doing digital marketing on my own after attending classes. It barely seemed to work. But after Grankma took over, I never knew there could have been more visitors. We had to hire more workers since to handle our customers.

Azren Arief

Volks Maniac Garage
Bandar Sunway

My friends recommended me Grankma a while back. I was not sure how marketing would help me. But they did more than just marketing. They improved our customer experience and helped us operate better. Good work.

Firdaus Ghazally

Fj Exellar Sdn Bhd
Shah Alam

The benefits you get from Grankma's assistance

See what our customers have achieved so far
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Average Yearly Increment

Our clients’ sales have boosted up to as high as 114% with the help of Grankma’s advanced online sales engine.


Average Google Rating

Their Average Google Maps review also improved organically to up to 4.71 in just less than two months.


Increased Yearly Prospects

Their annual potential customers count spiked up to 1640 people per year, after utilising our digital marketing services.

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