Looking for ways to increase monthly sales?

Enjoy up to 114% increase in your monthly sales with our sales optimisation technology.

Have a website that has not gotten you any customers at all?

Have you ever wondered how many potential customers were first visitors of your website? Have you ever wondered if there is a way to know? What if you don’t even have a website to know your digital potential? This means you could have missed at least hundreds or even thousands of prospects a year!

Aside from helping you anchor these prospects, our team at Grankma also helps you accurately record the information of each visitor and prospect, individually.

You will get all the data you need to define the core of your business. From the conversion percentages of visitors-turned-prospects and returning customers to each visitor’s age and gender, we will provide all the bits and pieces of information in formats you can easily understand. No more lingering questions once it’s clear!

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Tried your hands on digital marketing but found it too cost ineffective to continue?

Everyone you know would tell you that as a business owner, you would need to market your products well to make your sales. There is no denying the fundamental truth. But did anyone ever tell you that in this digital age, you would also need to track the returns from your marketing efforts?

Consider the following scenario: you have hired a graphics designer to print some flyers and pamphlets that you would eventually distribute around the block. Then, you publicised your brand presence on billboards and convinced several Instagram influencers to post their reviews of your sponsored products. Sure, you spent thousands and you get thousands. But over time, how would you know which campaign worked the best in making you your profit? And how can you use the knowledge to scale your business the best way? It’s only common sense that cease channels that make you nothing, and focus on the pillars that work.

Our procedures are very scientific, as we work with accurately labelled measurements of data. Every promotion and campaign is measured and tracked uniquely; this helps calculate your ROIs made from each marketing channel separately. And our research is limited to online marketing campaigns only. We can help you track your ROIs from your flyers and billboards as well. In the end, we will find the best marketing channels suited to your products or services, and help you optimise your reach — and hit your sales targets.

Tried hiring employees to work on marketing only to end up with unsatisfying results?

This digital marketing space is relatively a new phenomenon. To be honest, it’s difficult to see any syllabus on this subject in academic institutions that teaches realistic and effective ways to market online in this day and age. It’s not a surprise to see fresh graduates struggling to get consistent results when tasked with this.

Those who are well versed with the ropes of effective digital marketing, meanwhile, are very hard to find — and even harder to lure with fixed salaries. This is because a reliable marketing expert should have at least 10 years of experience. What this truly means: they started their successful journey of selling items online was largely considered a strange phenomenon to all and even a scam to some. 

Now, Grankma may be a young organisation, but our team is made up of passionate professionals who have gotten their leg up in the industry since as early as 2007. In the present digital marketing space where vanity metrics and flashy junks are abound and the making of great sales is close to none, we anchor our success with the majestic and no-nonsense combination of statistics and science.

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Always forget to follow up on your prospects and existing customers?

We understand that as a business owner, you’re busy running your company on all levels. It is therefore hard for you to commit on following up with every single prospect and customer you have. But you still need to hit your sales target — that’s why you do what you do. The key factor to crunching in the numbers is still, time and time again, the frequency of your follow-ups with your customers.

Research has shown that on average, most sales are made on the 5th follow-up count. With so much to do and so little time at hand, who has time to wait for that? Anybody who does would likely stop at the second round. 

But not us, though. At Grankma, we make time, so us take care of that. Our sales team ensures that your follow-up system runs smoothly, without hiccups and delays. We follow up on each unread or unreplied mails that come through your server via methods that adhere to the international ethical codes of conduct — and your customers’ hearts.

Let our customer's testimonies explain

See what our previous customers had to say after we helped them grow their business

I tried doing digital marketing on my own after attending classes. It seemed to work. But after Grankma took over, I never knew there could have been more visitors. We had to hire more workers since to handle our customers.

Azren Arief

Volks Maniac Garage
Bandar Sunway

My friends recommended me Grankma a while back. I was not sure how marketing would help me. But they did more than just marketing. They improved our customer experience and helped us operate better. Good work.

Firdaus Ghazally

FJ Exellar Sdn. Bhd.
Shah Alam & Cyberjaya

Sales Optimization

Pricing & Packages

We provide packages suitable for all kinds of businesses and sizes


For individuals and small teams
  • 2 lead capturing forms
  • On-page SEO adjustment​
  • 3 Levels sales funnel
  • 3 weeks follow-up
  • 1 monthly email ad
  • Basic monthly report


For growing businesses
  • Grankma Kiosk*
  • 6 lead capturing forms
  • On-page SEO adjustment
  • Off-page SEO campaign
  • 1 News & blog outreach
  • 4 Levels sales funnel
  • 5 weeks follow-up
  • 2 bi-weekly email ads
  • Advanced monthly report


For advanced companies
  • Grankma Kiosk*
  • 12 lead capturing forms
  • On-page SEO adjustment
  • Heavy Off-page SEO
  • 3 News & blog outreach
  • 5 Levels sales funnel
  • 7 weeks follow-up
  • 52 weeks email campaign
  • RM4,500 ad included
  • Custom monthly report


Frequently asked questions for Sales Optimization services

Sales optimisation, as the term suggests, takes time to generate great, organic traffic.

Organic traffic is what you will ultimately need. They translate into people who will authentically need your service or product. Unlike random passersby on Facebook, these people will buy what you’re selling.

In short, we do not scatter around looking for ready-to-pay customers. Instead, we make you ultimately visible to them whenever they want to make their purchase. Time, therefore, is crucial to our success in optimising your digital visibility.

We provide complete data and information of your search engine keywords, your Google result position on key searches, daily visitors count, prospects and many more of this nature.

Every bits of information collected will be represented in languages easy for you to digest, visuals easy for you to understand.

We provide multiple formats (PDF, Excel and Powerpoint) to you as well to make it easier for you to refer or share.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the upgrading works to your site’s content to fill the requirements and preferences of search engine’s AI.

A strategically optimized web content gets you a top position on Google search results. First search result gets the most traffic from the searches.

Our optimization services follows the latest guidelines released by top search engine operators such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

On-page SEO refers to all optimization processes done on your site’s contents.

Off-page SEO refers to the optimization activities done outside of your site such as publishing editorial articles on consumer’s medium, online magazines, blogs and social media campaigns that helps in boosting your brand’s image.

A lead capturing form is a digital form used to gather your prospect’s information. These forms are placed on high potential pages precisely to be seen by your visitors.

These forms are not contact forms, and they serve very different purposes.

There are several ways we can record your visitors and customers’s information obtained from the lead capturing forms.

The methods vary significantly depending on the size of your business and your operational needs.

Usually, the information are recorded in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and email/SMS marketing systems.

Part of our services include the installation of tracking pixels in each of your top web pages and ads landing pages.

Each of our email marketing and follow-up contents are also equipped with tracking pixels for us to measure your campaign’s open or click rate.

Retargeting or remarketing ads refer to a specific marketing technique that targets people who have visited your site or who have purchased from you before.

According to Harvard Business review, the advertising fees for existing customers are 5 times cheaper than the cost for new customers. This is one of the ways how you can improve your ROI.

Sales funnel is a multi-staged sales system that is traversed by your prospects starting from filling up the lead capturing form until they commit to a purchase, or even beyond the first one.

Every product or service would preferably have different, customized and tested sales funnel depending on the size, pricing and others.

This process takes a bit of time to see it working, after series of optimization and testing in order for us to identify the best way going forward.

We offer different sales funnel for each of our packages.

For the Lite Sales Funnel Package, we have 3 stages which are prospect registration, free knowledge sharing to the prospects and finally, sales.

The Pro Package has 4 stages; the same first three of the Lite package with an additional upsell stage. This addition could allow you to get up to 26% more sales compared to normal packages.

The Enterprise Package has 5 stages to it, with all four in the Pro package with an additional down-sell stage to handle the case of up-selling failure. Here, the funnel is designed to exist in a loop to ensure the highest chance of making sales for as long as we are still under contract with you.

Grankma Kiosk is our latest physical product. It is an iPad kiosk that you can place on  your premises to assist in customer registration.

Since it’s built to run on an iPad, you’re free to take them anywhere (events, other premises etc.) to help you close more sales.

For example, if you’re a business that does laminated flooring installation, we will customize a system for you that will allow you to do cost estimation on your services live in real time in front of your prospects.

More interesting fact, you can also send the result of the calculation via email straight to your prospects, allowing you to engage more and collect more information about your prospects an pass it into your sales funnel.

Live Chat Bot is a 24-hour, smart customer service system operating with AI advance technology.

This sort of system has proven to bring about positive cost changes, as high as 86% due to the elimination of unnecessary workers.

You’re exposing yourself to the risk of losing a prospect if you don’t engage them in less than 5 minutes. With our Live Chatbot, expect replies within 2 seconds.

Don’t believe us? Click here to see our Chat Bot in action.

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