Upgrade your website and watch your business boom.

We build websites that can boost your sales up to 114% per month.

'Old and slow' can hurt your business and sales.

A poorly designed website lacks quality and intent, and can affect your business. It is easy for visitors to feel lost and overwhelmed by complicated tangles of information and links. When they eventually land on the right page, there isn’t enough information. Even worse is if you don’t show them what to do next.

Visitors check your website because they believe your business provides them what they need. But when there is no displayed phone number or address to look up to or enough commands to prompt them to act, it is only a matter of minutes, if not seconds, before they decide you are not worth their time. Their inputted personal information would then go to waste, simply because they do not become your customers in the end.

So this is where Grankma comes in. We build sites with clean designs that are tailored to represent the best of your business — and retain visitors.

Grankma - Web Design Package - grankma funny face creative web design agency
Grankma - Web Design Package - grankma surprised face website redesign service

Wait, what if you don't even have a website?

If this is the case, then it’s highly likely that you never knew how many business opportunities have passed you by, unnoticed. Now that you do, you should realise that the longer you wait to digitise your business, the more opportunities you lose. In this day and age, your business is considered non-existent to most consumers if you don’t have a website to show.

A research done by Google in 2018 revealed that 73% of consumers will look up your business online before they decide to check out your store or commit to a purchase. If you don’t already have a website, chances are these consumers will know and realise that your business exists.

Think about the potential consumers you have lost to your competitors simply because of your non-existence in the digital sphere. But that all that can change where Grankma comes in. With our backup, you get to have a website — and a top position in Google searches.

Sales figures not increasing even with thousands of ringgit spent?

This is one of the biggest problems that business owners face today. Many would invest thousands of ringgit into building their websites. Yet their sale figures would remain stagnantly low. It appears that having beautiful websites did not make any difference. Why is that?

The answer is simple: designers are not marketers. They make your website pretty with all the bells and whistles, while marketers aim to make you whistle after looking at your bank’s balance. We are not comprised of just designers, we’re more than that. To build a website that makes you money takes a different set of professionals.

Lucky you for reading this, because you’re in the right place. Grankma is a collaborative ensemble of professionals in sales and marketing, website development and design. With the experience of more than 9 years, we’ve tested enough to know what worked, and what sells on a website.

Grankma - Web Design Package - grankma grinning red sunglasses website design
Grankma - Web Design Package - grankma happy sunglasses business web design service

Are you sure you don't need a website that makes sales?

Based on a survey we did on 2018, the majority of business owners and their corresponding competitors share this sentiment. It’s interesting to see the effect if one of them decides to go against the others, and went on to have a proper selling website. The first movers always have the advantage. Do it once, do it right and it would be very expensive for your competition to take you down.

Grankma believes that any business can benefit from online marketing tools. A proper website takes a load off of your sales team, or even improve their efficiency to help them close more.

A website is no longer just a series of pages with words and images. A business website is now operationally relevant for your organization. Make sales pitches, auto-respond to emails or even collect payments via payment gateways and FPX services. A proper website integrates organically to your operations. Let us show you how.

Let our customer's testimonies explain

See what our previous customers had to say after we helped them grow their business

I tried doing digital marketing on my own after attending classes. It seemed to work. But after Grankma took over, I never knew there could have been more visitors. We had to hire more workers since to handle our customers.

Azren Arief

Volks Maniac Garage
Bandar Sunway

My friends recommended me Grankma a while back. I was not sure how marketing would help me. But they did more than just marketing. They improved our customer experience and helped us operate better. Good work.

Firdaus Ghazally

FJ Exellar Sdn. Bhd.
Shah Alam

Web Design Package

Pricing & Details

We provide web design packages suitable for all kinds of businesses and sizes


For individuals and small teams
  • Custom layout design
  • 6 custom pages
  • 2 Lead capturing forms
  • Silver SEO Package
  • Mobile friendly web design
  • SSL Certificate (https)
  • 10 x 15GB email accounts


For growing businesses
  • Custom layout design
  • 12 custom pages
  • 8 Lead capturing forms
  • Gold SEO Package
  • Mobile friendly web design
  • SSL Certificate (https)
  • 50 x 15GB email accounts


For advanced companies
  • Ecommerce Platform
  • 30 custom pages
  • 20 product pages
  • 20 Lead capturing forms
  • Ultimate SEO Package
  • Mobile friendly web design
  • SSL Certificate (https)
  • 100 x 15GB email accounts


Frequently asked questions regarding website design services

Depending on your business, a mockup can be done within 7 days and a full working website can be delivered within 21 days.

RM1350 a year for website maintenance.

We do not support any kind of plagiarism, however, we can use these sites as reference to develop a concept or design. We will infuse our technology and creativity into it to make it a more formidable platform. You may submit samples of websites that you like in our booking form so we understand better.

The price for an additional page is RM930. This includes fully custom layout, content writing, SEO with lead generation forms installation

A lead generation form is an online form used to capture the data of your prospects. This form helps us convert your visitors into paying customers. Click here to see an example of a lead generation form.

We charge a 50% deposit before deploying a team for you. Payments can be made via SenangPay. We also accept payments from debit/credit cards and online bank transfers.

We charge 30% from the total web design package price if you cancel your reservations post confirmation. After 5 days, deposit will be refund. However, any design or writing that has been done within the timeframe is  all yours to use.

We need a comprehensive set of information regarding your business. This includes your list of services, products, their prices and any important informations. Rest assured, all informations are protected. The most importantly, we can deliver the work faster and efficiently with the sufficient amount informations are given.

Still not sure about what your business needs?

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